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General questions

  1. What is Finom?

    Finom is a company founded after the merger of 5 market leaders to create a Blockchain ecosystem with a single point of entry and AI assistant.

  2. What was the reason for the merger?

    Finom makes the world of finance available to everyone. Our business solves a central economic problem: the limited availability and complexity of today’s sought-after financial tools.

  3. What do you do?

    We use Blockchain technology to create trustworthy and convenient financial services. They allow users all over the world to become more independent, to improve their material prosperity and to be sure of safety of their investments.

  4. How can I contact you?

    Contact us via


  1. Do you have an MVP (active product)?

    Our services already have more than half a million registered users across brokerage, mining and exchange options. These are: Cryptonit exchange, cryptocurrency trading terminal TabTrader, mining multipool Nanopool, mining farm Cryptal and mobile app

  2. What is special about your Blockchain ecosystem? Why do I need it?

    Our system is not just a service aggregator. Through it we realize our mission - to make the world of finance available to everyone. We expect the following results:

    1. Increasing users’ financial solvency to absence of commission within the system: savings up to 10% on all operations compared to current financial systems.
    2. Through access to digital assets, anyone who has $10 gets the chance to use the same financial tools as major investors.
    3. Relevant financial ideas are selected according to the user’s needs based on best global offers and their historic personal financial activity. Tailormade selection helps users to maximize income, regardless of their financial literacy.
  3. How will the single point of entry work?

    Every user gets access to all services in our ecosystem through a single Finom account with end-to-end identification. Users are spared the need to sign up for each service individually.

    Today, services exist separately and charge different commission rates for transfers of funds between them.

    Conversely, in Finom’s combined ecosystem there will be no commission. User’s savings of up to 10% of all operations compared to current financial systems.

  4. How will the AI assistant work?

    Users will receive by request personalized investment and cost optimization ideas (Big Data collecting) from an AI assistant. The AI assistant is an analog of search engines in finance. The user creates a request. The AI assistant scans offers from global markets and selects ideas which allow the user to maximize their income or minimize costs. The system rates user decisions within current market condition and signals if there are better offers currently available.

    User activities can be of three types:

    1. The user knows exactly what he needs and independently chooses the tools inside the system;
    2. The user knows the type of solution needed to resolve the problem and looks for the most advantageous option: a deposit, loan, Bitcoin rate, mining pool etc.
    3. The user knows only the result they want to achieve for example increase savings from $100 to $200. The system offers an array of options with projected terms and risks in percentages, the ability to automatically assemble a portfolio, setting the parameters "timeframe" and "risks".
  5. What is the target audience of your products?

    Most of our users are people who already work with blockchain. We are creating the most convenient array of financial tools for professionals and beginners. We would like to open the world of crypto-currency to people that haven't even heard about it. Next stage is the creation of services for people which the current financial system seems to avoid. These are low income class people that live in countries such as Africa and India.

  6. Which countries is Finom targeted at?

    Finom is an international company. Our services are used in 178 countries, including the U.S., Russia, Brazil and China.

  7. Why should people use your product?

    Today there is explosive growth in cryptocurrency markets. In the beginning no services were user-friendly and were usable only by programmers and tech geeks. The greater the demand for cryptocurrencies the more people seek convenient and user-friendly digital currency and asset management systems which include various financial tools. We will be the first to create such a system. Our system will allow access to cryptocurrencies for people who have low financial literacy and low computer skills, and will make these services more convenient for existing users.


  1. How long has the company been on the market?

    In August 2017, mining and trading companies merged to form a single Swiss-based parent, Finom AG - the largest blockchain corporation. Our constituent companies have a 4-year partnership history. Cryptonit exchange has operated since 2012, cryptocurrency trading terminal TabTrader since 2013, mining multipool Nanopool since 2015 and mining farm Cryptal since 2016.

  2. Why are you called Finom?

    Finom is building the genetic code of the future economic and financial system.

  3. What is your legal structure?

    Finom is registered in Switzerland. The company owns a 73.6% stake in cryptocurrency trading terminal TabTrader BV (NE) , 100% of mining multipool Nanopool (HK) , 100% of exchange Cryptonit Solutions Ltd (UK) , 100% of mining center Cryptal and 100% of the app.

FIN token и NOM token – Token Sale

  1. Why is Finom offering tokenized equity? What are you fundraising for?

    Finom is launching a tokenized equity offering to expand its active business and launch in new directions. There are several stages of product development:

    1. creation of Blockchain infrastructure based on our already existing services;
    2. expansion of infrastructure and integration of outside services into the ecosystem;
    3. development of an AI assistant to simplify financial decisions.
  2. What are FIN and NOM tokens?

    Security tokens FIN are tokenized shares, which combines the best in shares and tokens. FIN tokens are issued in accordance with Regulation D of the US Securities Act of 1933.

    NOM tokens are utility tokens, which serve as the internal currency within Finom ecosystem and gives a set of privileges to its holders.

  3. When is the tokenized equity placement expected?

    The pre-sale commitments were held as on November 15th. The Token sale will run from November 29, 2017 through December 30, 2017

  4. Are U.S. citizens allowed to legally purchase Finom tokenized equity?

    Accredited investors with over $100k investments are allowed to take part in our private placement from November 1 - December 30.

  5. What is the value in using a token?

    One FIN Token is the digital equivalent to four shares of Finom common stock and entitles the token holder to receive dividends and vote as a shareholder of the company.

    NOM tokens are utility tokens, which serve as the internal currency within Finom ecosystem and gives a set of privileges to its holders. NOM tokens are expected to listed on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges immediately after the token sale. Please find more information about NOM tokens in the Whitepaper.

  6. How much does each token cost?

    Price per FIN token is 2 USD. While buying FIN tokens, each investor receives the same number of utility tokens as a bonus.

  7. Which currencies do you accept for fundraising?


  8. How can I get involved?

    Register in an investor dashboard:

    Follow the instructions, how to buy tokens:

  9. What are the tokens based on?

    The FIN token is a smart contract ERC20 token based on Ethereum.

  10. How many tokens will be offered? How will they be distributed?

    50,985,000 FIN Tokens are being offered for sale in this offering. Up to 45% of the total number of authorized FIN Tokens of 113,300,000 are being offered for sale.

    In addition, we issue utility tokens NOM.The number of utility NOM tokens is equal to FIN, as well as limited by the initial offering and reaches 113,300,000.

  11. What will you do with unsold tokens?

    All unsold tokenized shares will be kept by the company.

  12. What is the minimum and maximum amount of money you plan to raise during the token sale?

    There is no defined minimum. The Company plans to sell up to 50,985,000 tokens in this offering. The maximum amount of funds raised through this offering is $101.97 million.

  13. How soon can I get my tokens?

    FIN tokens will be deposited into user accounts 30 days after the end of the offering. NOM tokens will be displayed in your private investor account as soon as FIN token appears.

    The FIN TOKENS will be subject to a 1 year holding period. NOM tokens will be listed on Cryptonit exchange and other largest exchanges straight after after the token sale.

  14. What are the risks of investing in Finom?

    The risks are set forth in the Private Placement Memorandum available to subscribers to review. We also recommend that prospective subscribers review the information set forth in the White Paper.

  15. Is there a roadmap?

    Yes, you can familiarize yourself with it via our whitepaper.

  16. Are you offering a bounty campaign?


  17. Which exchanges will Finom tokens be traded on and when?

    FIN Tokens held by US Accredited Investors will only be tradeable on SharesPost. Non-US subscribers will be able to trade FIN Tokens on Cryptonit. All FIN Tokens will be subject to trading restrictions and a one year holding period.