FinCloud Becomes Packaged

FinCloud Becomes Packaged

Finom's cloud mining service FinCloud now offers tariff packages: Basic, Advanced and PRO. They allow users to pay less for the purchase of hashrate.

Through FinCloud users can safely mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ZCash and Electroneum. Previously, users could increase their hashrate only by single units (10 GH/s for Bitcoin, 1 H/s for ZCash and so on), but now they can buy bulk and save.

With the Basic pachage you receive hashpower for any cryptocurrency for $60-76 with a 5%* discount. The Advanced tariff will cost you $470-500 with a 10%* discount. Choosing the PRO package will give you the largest bonus available – 15%* – but it also costs more: $1300-1500.

Become better acquainted with the offer on FinCloud's website.

*The actual discount may vary by a fraction or more.

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