Finom Offers Both FIN & NOM Tokens As Security And Utility

Finom Offers Both FIN & NOM Tokens As Security And Utility

We announce releasing two kinds of tokens during a single token sale: security and utility.

FIN token, a digital equivalent of a share, grants its owner the rights of a common stock owner. It is released in compliance with Regulation D of the US Securities Act of 1933 and therefore, exempted from the SEC registration. Securities issued in compliance with Reg D, are treated as "Securities with limits" and are subject to a holding period of one year for the US investors.

Finom CTO,  Nanopool founder, Alexander Barkovsky, claims: “Many of our investors would like to trade their tokens as soon as the token sale is over. Since the beginning, we planned to release both kinds of tokens: securities (FIN) и utilities (NOM), but they have the official permission just now”.

The number of utility NOM tokens is equal to FIN, as well as limited by the initial offering and reaches 113,300,000. When purchasing security tokens, each investor receives the same number of utility tokens as a bonus.

The NOM token serves as the internal currency within Finom advertising system implemented to Finom platform, and gives its holders commission discounts. NOM will also provide its holders with discounts on Finom MOOCs and offline learning programs that will be produced featuring the world’s most famous experts in cryptocurrencies and traditional finance.

NOM tokens are expected to listed on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges immediately after the token sale, and firstly on Finom team is negotiating with the next exchanges:,,,,,,,,,,

Please find more information about NOM tokens in the updated Whitepaper.

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